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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today I encourage you to reach out to one another in love. Remembering, none of us has arrived. I can remember some pretty painful times as a single woman, struggling with my desires, giving into temptation, being dissapointed in myself feeling I had dissapointed my Lord. I remember going back to sin time and time again, feeling bound, feeling hopeless, worthless. I remember wishing how I could talk to someone who exhibited some understanding rather then condemming me or making me feel guilty or chastising me about sin as though they hadn't done it. It is with compassion, love, understanding & truth that you reach the lost and broken.... that truth not just being the scripture of choice, but the truth about you and your journey. I am a reflection of God's grace & mercey, healing & restorative power and so I reach out to you in understanding. If your struggling with being single, alone, your sexual drive, your self esteem, your selfworth, your ability to control your desires then I understand and am praying for you. I once was lost but now I'm found & I know you too can and will have the VICTORY! TODAY I COMMAND VICTORY IN YOUR LIFE!