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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Testimonies of His power and Grace & Mercy

Our testimonies are important.  Our stories are meant to be shared not compared.  Mine is one in millions of it's kind, but this experience molded and shaped my life.  In fact it had a great deal to do with my ability as a single woman to maintain abstinence, dignity, self respect and self worth.  I saw no value in life or myself and gave away the treasure in the earthen vessel.  God however by His grace and Mercy saw fit to restore me, heal me, make me whole.  And so while I once was blind, now I see the value in me.  I am sooooo grateful for what God has done in my life that I can't keep it to myself.  I want the same for you no matter what the issue is.  Healing and restoration is your portion in Christ.  Be blessed family and please share if you think it may help someone.