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Friday, January 27, 2012


I wanted to post some of my facebook pledges which I have dubbed the cook out pledges.  I call them that because typically I relate sex to food in a lot of my posts... to add humor & for analogy.  So please feel free to stop by and read them and take the pledges as you see fit at any time.  If you have any questions please feel free to comment any time.  I hope you enjoy and take the pledges with me.



All my single ladies, hold up your hand and repeat after me. Lord My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I desire to keep it clean. You made sex for us to enjoy father, but for married people to enjoy. Though I have already partaken of the sausage in the past, I realize I can no longer and will fast. I am on a sausage fast until the right man, deserving and ordained by you has taken my ...hand in marriage. I will do my best to pass every test, but most of all I will make a conscious effort to avoid situations that will cause me to stumble. I won't go to the meat market knowing I shouldn't eat meat on this fast. Father, guide, protect, cover me and vale me during this time of abstinence and obedience until such a time as you see fit to reveal me to the man ordained for me. Show me how to manage my desires, deliver me from any bondage I may be unaware of, soul ties that need to be broken and help to cast down every imagination or thought that would exalt it's self against you Lord. I ask for your guidance, protection, strength and peace in the Mighty name of Jesus! All those in agreement say????

All my single men hold up your hand and repeat after me. Lord my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit & I desire to keep it clean. You made sex for us to enjoy father, but for married people to enjoy. Though I have already partaken of the cookies, cuz Lord you know I love cookies, muffins and all sorts of goodies, I realize I can no longer and will wait for dinner before I have dessert. I am... a man of God, who desires to do your will and will no longer take what does not belong to me rightfully, I will fast and pray. I will do my best to pass every test, but most of all I will make a conscious effort to avoid situations that will cause me to stumble and I will not grumble. I will fast from cookies and goodies and pleasant bread of all kinds father. I will avoid the candy store knowing I have a sweet tooth and too many sweets will rot my teeth, For I am often like a kid when in a candy store, wanting every variety of goodies that presents itself to me. Father Veil my eyes, protect me from those whom would try to tempt me unnaturally. Vail my eyes accept to the woman you have ordained for me. Show me how to manage my desires, deliver me from my lustful thoughts and imaginations that would exalt themselves against you Lord. I ask for your guidance, protection, strength and peace in the mighty name of Jesus! All those men in a agreement say????
All my single ladies.... put your hands up! Now solemnly swear that in 2012 you will close your legs and your mouths & open your ears & your eyes. Listen more then you speak, so a man can tell you who he is. Hear with clarity so that you believe him when he tells you and watch his actions to see if they match his words. People always tell you who they are actually and in few words... we just rarely believe them.... but what speaks louder than words are actions... so when he treats you with honor and respect it’s a YAY! But when he treats you like a stray, it's a NAY!!!

All my single ladies put your hands up! Now repeat after me. 2012 is a new year, a year of change. I will not succumb to the sausage in 2012. My love for sausage will not over take me in 2012 and I will prepare for my mate by waiting. Celibacy is not a crime and my desire to abstain is Godly not foolish as some would say. I will not allow the frustration of men or myself to compel me to compromise what I know is right in the sight of God. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit & with His help I can control and manage my desire for the sausage. I will wait for dinner (my husband) and not snack in between meals. Any man that does not respect that displays hostility not only towards me but God and is not the man for me. All those in agreement say?

Single ladies put your hands up. Now repeat after me. I will keep my cookies in the cookie jar, no cookie monsters allowed. Cookie monsters will eat your cookies leaving nothing but crumbs then move on to the next jar. I will reserve my cookies for the man who understands dinner comes before dessert.

Single ladies say this with me! I will no longer participate in relationships of convenience out of neediness. I will no longer give my cookies away to a man just because I find him moderately attractive, he pays me a few compliments, buys me dinner and manages to participate in mediocre conversation. Although my desire for companionship is natural my inability to wait for legitimate companionship is dysfunctional. I will no longer participate in dysfunction.

Single folks say it with me. I will not allow my sexual desires to control me I will control them. My desire to please myself will not supersede my desire to please God anymore. I will save my cookie/sausage for my future wife/husband. Now hold up your lighters and say *****my name is _________ and I am a HO no MO!

A single folks, waiting for your mate is difficult but there is power in self-control. We are not children. So in the waiting using self-control is key to receiving your blessing. If you are truly desiring to please God then you WILL control yourself. He has prepared a table before you for dinner so don't spoil your dinner by eating snacks...

Which pledge will you take today?  :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012


Today I wanted to share an article I thought was very fitting.  Please enjoy
The Paradox of Sex Education Unveiled

To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted (Titus 1:15 NIV).

Welcome once again to “Truth for the Journey!” In the last article we discussed the subject of teenage promiscuity and the premature “sexualisation” of our young people; violating their intended time (Eccl 3:11). Today as we look further into this, we can see the huge irony or contradiction that emerges around this whole subject. For example, those things set in place to “aid and assist” our young people with advice about “safe sex” actually opens then up to greater heart ache in later life.

Take for instance any young person, who has been encouraged into promiscuity and sexual activity who then commits to become a Christian and eventually marries another Christian. For a while everything seems great, until this same person who once enjoyed such sexual freedom as a “former-fornicator,” now finds themselves experiencing all kinds of sexual “hang-ups.” Past experiences and comparisons haunt their mind - with flashbacks and shameful memories. In addition they find that guilt and condemnation now “shut-them-off” to sex, when they should be enjoying “free and unhindered passion” with their ordained partner. Needless to say such “shutting down” sexually causes the couple great heart ache and frustration.

It’s evident then that two basic “lies” prevail. The first is aimed at the single non-Christian, “forget abstinence and restraint, live life while you are still young..!” The second is aimed at the young married Christian couple, “Pull yourselves together and don’t be so lustful. Sex is sinful – have some restraint..!” This sells the message that sexual ‘all-out-ness’ is right for the “fornicator” but wrong, shameful (perhaps even, “out of the will of God...”) for the believer! Listening to either lie will rob these youngsters of the beauty and blessing intended for sex.

In addition to all this, the young Christian wife gets pushed this idea; “Hey, hold on here don’t you know that you don’t ‘have’ to have sex whenever ‘he’ wants it... who does he think he is anyway. You don’t have to submit to ‘him’ – don’t give yourself to ‘him,’ your body belongs to ‘you’ ...” etc. Which is directly out of line with scripture (see 1Peter 3:1-7; Eph 5: 22-33, Col 3: 18-20) For the Christian marriage - the couple, out of a loving and intimate relationship - submit to one another in love (Ehp 5:21 KJV).

My wife tends to prefer the Message Bible for this particular scripture because it takes “religion” out of it. So let’s take a look at Eph 5:21-33, “Out of respect for Christ, be courteously reverent to one another. Wives understand and support your husbands... The husband provides leadership to his wife the way Christ does to his church, not by domineering but by cherishing... wives should likewise submit to their husbands. Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church—a love marked by giving, not getting... His words evoke her beauty... that is how husbands ought to love their wives... loving himself in loving her, and how each wife is to honor her husband (Eph 5: 21-33 The Message Bible).

To continue isn’t it funny that a lot of young girls today are being enticed, seduced and encouraged to “submit” themselves - through promiscuity - to their boyfriends or male admirers, without reserve! Without objection and dazed by promiscuity they “submit their bodies” to lust through “random” partners via premature sexuality and adulthood!

Then with the seduction of nightclubs and fun bars, where fornication is “normalcy” and promoted through seductive and atmospheric music with the drunken haze that surrounds it all! “Submission” is never an issue in such settings where scantily clad and provocative young ladies submit their bodies quite readily to lust! After all “fornication” is more about seeking the fulfilment of one’s “own” pleasure rather than seeking to “give” it meaningfully to someone else.

It is an accepted fact today that most young men and women who go to night clubs and such places, are going with the intention of sex. Especially young women earn this reputation and have it taken for granted that if they go to such places they are “prepared” for sex. They dress sexy, they yield to the sexy atmosphere and in addition they “fuel” this with drugs and alcohol to help “enhance” the mood and “numb” any youthful inhibitions.

But what is encouraged while in the world is then discouraged in marriage. Sexual readiness is suddenly seen as something “else” and as a result “spontaneity” rapidly goes out of the window! In other words, outside of the drunken haze and night club atmosphere; and back in the mundane “status-quo” of everyday living - couples find themselves “stifled” and no longer “free.” ALL THIS MEANS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN “SCHOOLED” AND “PREPARED” FOR FORNICATION BUT NOT FOR MARRIAGE! This travesty makes it very difficult for them to know how to respond within a different set of boundaries – called marriage. In fact everything they learn at school undermines the institute of marriage. The big green light for premarital sex and promiscuity sets them up for a fall when it comes to marriage. What is satan’s agenda? To “destroy” society as we know it.

So as we apply this to ourselves and not just to the youth of our society, we can see that this entire subject is entirely on its head! In other words “upside down” because of an almighty “clash” or “conflict” in interests. The devil’s says, “Be free in fornication!” while God’s says, “Be free only in marriage.” Yet the truth is that for many who indulged in fornication before marriage– have difficulty being free inside marriage. The reality is that what the devil calls freedom is really bondage. However a person can be set free from their past; through Christ old things can “pass-away” and all things can be made “new” in Him – including God’s “best” being restored to them (2 Cor 5:17).

In God we are free. There is no bondage in Christ. An important realization for some folks is that, while the spirit of this world belches out, “Have sex without restraint...” This also is actually God’s “command” yet “within marriage” – as marriage is the only ordained and correct setting for “safe sex!” That’s right, you read right! Without restraint is God’s command “within” marriage. Think about it, we were told not to “with hold” ourselves from one another..!” Again the reality is this - everything that the world is seeking for in sex, is available right in the midst of what God ordained. And what the world considers ‘sexual liberation’ usually involves much bondage. On the other hand – those who operate in the fullness of what God has ordained for them are the ones who experience true sexual freedom!

Now for some folks this is precisely where the struggle “begins!” Why? Because the devil has managed to convince many that it’s wrong to be “sexy” and “godly” at the same time! This of cause throws an enormous “wet-blanket” on the subject of sex. However sex was created for pleasure not for shame, guilt or regret – Hallelujah.

Perverting generations before they ever get the chance to enjoy marriage in the way God intended is Satan’s way of, ‘stealing, killing and destroying’ our inheritance – God’s best for his children in ALL things. He looks to confuse our perception of the Father’s highest and best, in this important area.

The serpent’s nature is always to seduce and tempt. But it does not stop there. He also indulges in “condemning” and “accusing.” His master plan is to “seduce” and to “lure” people into sin – once they respond and are led away of their own lush (see James 1:14) he proceeds to enjoy tormenting them with the guilt and shame of their actions afterwards..! As a liar and the father of lies satan has always made such a huge deal out of sex. Why? Because it poses such a threat to him and if he can successfully convince us that something pure is perverse – this means we can no longer enjoy it. Conversely if he can convince the world that only “perversity” is enjoyable and purity is boring – then they stay aloof. But we know deception is his game – and we are enlightened amen!

Finally in closing – there can be no mistake - we have been ordained to live life to the full and more abundantly – this excludes no area of life. In Christ we are free in all things. Amen!

Father I am Yours. My body is Yours. I fear nothing but You! I live in the liberality that comes only by Your Spirit. I am not liberal as the world calls it. But I am liberal by Your Spirit. I am free because of Your Son - in EVERY area of my life. Amen.

Those the Son set free are free in deed. I have complete freedom in every area of my life. I want no “hang-ups” and I chose to be free in the area of sex. The world feeds us with a false perception of sex. But everything that You ordained for us to enjoy is pure in its origin. I glorify You the Giver of life and all good things. Nothing is perverse in You and to the pure all things are pure (Titus 1:15) Hallelujah.

Monday, January 16, 2012


 I keep getting asked this question:  DO YOU LIKE SEX? 

Because of my stance on abstinence apparently the consensus  is that I don't like sex.  Why is that even  an assumption let alone the first assumption or conclusion because a woman or a man desires to take a stance on purity? 

Why must I dislike sex or have sexual issues to have made the decision to adhere to the standard my Father in heaven has mad clear we should adhere to if we desire to be in His will?

Let me lay down a few scriptures for you to go read and marinate on. 

Romans 12:1,  God apparently believes it's reasonable for us to give our bodies to him... but somehow we don't I guess.

1 Cor 3:16-17  We are the Temple which houses the Holy Spirit... so is your temple clean?

1 Cor 6:18   We don't feel the need to do this for some reason though right?  We like to justify our behavior and needs. 

Let me make this perfectly clear to everyone who cares to know.......... I fricken love sex!!!!!!!  I enjoy it, I want it, I crave it, I wish I could have it right now.  But guess what?  I'm not an animal that can not control my urges and desires.... I used to be, but I'm not any more.

Sex should be special, not casual and should not be had between two people who are not in covenant with one another.  So while you ladies and gentlemen sleep with each other to get your momentary joy and satisfaction, you ignore the emptiness that follows when there is nothing that follows.

So trust me when I say I do not abstain and promote abstinence because I don't like sex or have an issue with sex.  If I were bold enough I would give you the name and number of my ex and let him tell you.  HA!!!  Bad girl Lisa bad girl!!!!... but on a real note... I am abstinent because I get the revelation of how important it is for me and how important it is to God.  Obedience is my desire and motive.

My connection with God is real and it's serious and I can no longer vex His spirit which lives in me... I can no longer tolerate the separation from God that I feel when I have sex with a man that is not my husband.

To whom much is given, much is required and God has given me a lot and is requiring a lot of me.  And the sacrifice is REASONABLE for me. 

It may not seem reasonable to you or others, but you have no idea what being clean, and obedient feels like if you can say that without guilt.

Folks love to hear about the goodness of God, but hate to hear the truth when it comes to what is required of us as living testimonies of His goodness.

Our goal in Christ should be to attain his Character, not His perfection.... and His character is attainable if you make the effort.

Conquering the flesh is the constant goal in this walk, renewing the mind and getting rid of the old thought pattern. 

Come on people we can do better and be better.  Don't project your issues on me when I desire to be right... I have no issues with sex.  I love sex, sex is beautiful, feels great and I can't wait to have lots of it.  But I have decided after many years of giving myself to all the wrong people to wait for the right one and have my relationship ordained by God.  It is what it is. 

For those of you who desire the same, I encourage you. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year REVELATIONS not resolutions. STOP GIVING IT UP!!!!!!

Good morning single ladies & gentlemen...... It was heavy on my heart this morning after meditation last night to encourage you to effect change.  Change begins with self, not trying to fix others.  So while we say things like there are no good men/women out there, or all the good men/wpmen are taken you actually speak into existence your thoughts.  The truth is your experience with men/women is what you have made it.  Ladies, A man can't do to you, what you don't allow. (not speaking of things forced)  So stop allowing things in your life that are less then the standard you claim to desire.

Stop putting up with crap, drama, lies, casual sex encounters and blaming HIM/HER... Blame yourself for allowing, then ask yourself why you do.  When you get to the ROOT of the issue you can then change it. 
Ladies in particular, how different would the world be if women possesed the true virtue God meant for us to possess?  Men would be forced to adhere to the standard now wouldn't they?  While men are very responsible for their own transgressions, as women we claim to want equality & power... and that starts with taking your fare share of the responsibility. 

I got a call from an ex last night....... someone I had a serious soultie with at one time and I new it was a test.  His treatement of me long ago was digusting to say the least, but my allowance of it was worse.  What made me feel so wonderful was the ease with which I was able to dismiss his attempt at lurring me into his presence with lies and seduction and empty promises.

It was easy because the last few years have been a growth process and a soul searching journey of self.  I place no blame on anyone for my life or it's outcome. 

I said this a week ago on facebook and spoke to a couple of friends as well about the fact that if you desire to get on the right track and abstain from sex especially...... STOP DATING.  Stop putting yourself in a position for failure.  Being alone does not have to equal lonely and the solitude will benefit you in ways you will have to experience to truly understand...... REVELATION will come in that solitude.  You will find yourself, you will find that God is waiting for you.  He will reveal the roots, the issues, He will cleanse and deliver you family.  He will make you fit for the mate you desire. 

Stop allowing garbage in..... stop dealing with people who have bad intentions... and learn to discern the difference.  Ladies stop just listening to words and pay attention to actions!

If they dont' line up with each other then he is not being real.  Stop falling for the okey dokey, settling for mediocre conversation and opening your legs to some dude because he told you that you were beautiful and baught you dinner.. hell if he even did that before you spread them like butter on toast for him to take what God gave you for your husband.   Breath that in and accept the responsibility for your actions, then cry and get the REVELATION that you deserve better and are worth more.  

There is no temptation new to man, so we all face them... but we can avoid them.

Jesus is an amazing listner... speak to Him... ask Him to help you change those things that are not fitting of a man or woman of God.  Ask Him to help you develop HIS character.  The peace you will gain is worth more then all the treasures of this world.

This is the second year of my "chronicled" journey of celibacy and sexual abstainence..... it has gotten easier and I am in an awesome place right now.  I desire to motivate you to that same place.  I have stumbled along the way so I don't want you to think I'm perfect, but I have gotten up, asked for forgiveness, RECEIVED IT!  and moved on with even more determination.   The growth has been tremendous and I feel worthy of the title "woman of God".  I also now feel worthy of a true "man of God" who demonstrates character & attributes of virtue and righteousness.  I now don't feel like a hypocrite.   The tests and trials are hardly over, but I truly feel better prepared to face them at this point.  Put on your armor family!  Step back from the very thing that is causing you to stumble so you can put on your armor.  You can't protect yourself when you just keep taking hits and getting wounded without healing before you go out again.  So my word for today is stop dating, step back, evalutate, enjoy the solitude & seek God.  Read your bible, study, put on your armor, guard your heart.  When your fully prepared, healed, delivered and whole you can go back out and start dating again... guaranteed you will attract different people into your life and find the right person for you.

Love you Family!