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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year REVELATIONS not resolutions. STOP GIVING IT UP!!!!!!

Good morning single ladies & gentlemen...... It was heavy on my heart this morning after meditation last night to encourage you to effect change.  Change begins with self, not trying to fix others.  So while we say things like there are no good men/women out there, or all the good men/wpmen are taken you actually speak into existence your thoughts.  The truth is your experience with men/women is what you have made it.  Ladies, A man can't do to you, what you don't allow. (not speaking of things forced)  So stop allowing things in your life that are less then the standard you claim to desire.

Stop putting up with crap, drama, lies, casual sex encounters and blaming HIM/HER... Blame yourself for allowing, then ask yourself why you do.  When you get to the ROOT of the issue you can then change it. 
Ladies in particular, how different would the world be if women possesed the true virtue God meant for us to possess?  Men would be forced to adhere to the standard now wouldn't they?  While men are very responsible for their own transgressions, as women we claim to want equality & power... and that starts with taking your fare share of the responsibility. 

I got a call from an ex last night....... someone I had a serious soultie with at one time and I new it was a test.  His treatement of me long ago was digusting to say the least, but my allowance of it was worse.  What made me feel so wonderful was the ease with which I was able to dismiss his attempt at lurring me into his presence with lies and seduction and empty promises.

It was easy because the last few years have been a growth process and a soul searching journey of self.  I place no blame on anyone for my life or it's outcome. 

I said this a week ago on facebook and spoke to a couple of friends as well about the fact that if you desire to get on the right track and abstain from sex especially...... STOP DATING.  Stop putting yourself in a position for failure.  Being alone does not have to equal lonely and the solitude will benefit you in ways you will have to experience to truly understand...... REVELATION will come in that solitude.  You will find yourself, you will find that God is waiting for you.  He will reveal the roots, the issues, He will cleanse and deliver you family.  He will make you fit for the mate you desire. 

Stop allowing garbage in..... stop dealing with people who have bad intentions... and learn to discern the difference.  Ladies stop just listening to words and pay attention to actions!

If they dont' line up with each other then he is not being real.  Stop falling for the okey dokey, settling for mediocre conversation and opening your legs to some dude because he told you that you were beautiful and baught you dinner.. hell if he even did that before you spread them like butter on toast for him to take what God gave you for your husband.   Breath that in and accept the responsibility for your actions, then cry and get the REVELATION that you deserve better and are worth more.  

There is no temptation new to man, so we all face them... but we can avoid them.

Jesus is an amazing listner... speak to Him... ask Him to help you change those things that are not fitting of a man or woman of God.  Ask Him to help you develop HIS character.  The peace you will gain is worth more then all the treasures of this world.

This is the second year of my "chronicled" journey of celibacy and sexual abstainence..... it has gotten easier and I am in an awesome place right now.  I desire to motivate you to that same place.  I have stumbled along the way so I don't want you to think I'm perfect, but I have gotten up, asked for forgiveness, RECEIVED IT!  and moved on with even more determination.   The growth has been tremendous and I feel worthy of the title "woman of God".  I also now feel worthy of a true "man of God" who demonstrates character & attributes of virtue and righteousness.  I now don't feel like a hypocrite.   The tests and trials are hardly over, but I truly feel better prepared to face them at this point.  Put on your armor family!  Step back from the very thing that is causing you to stumble so you can put on your armor.  You can't protect yourself when you just keep taking hits and getting wounded without healing before you go out again.  So my word for today is stop dating, step back, evalutate, enjoy the solitude & seek God.  Read your bible, study, put on your armor, guard your heart.  When your fully prepared, healed, delivered and whole you can go back out and start dating again... guaranteed you will attract different people into your life and find the right person for you.

Love you Family!

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