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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look who's watching me.

Hey friends,

Thought I would continue on today.  I had a blast last night going through the profiles of some men who sent me greetings and expressed interest.  I will share with you a few of them in slight detail.  There is quantity but the quality is definitely and issue.  I was thinking maybe I could make some money by being a consultant for some of these guys... cuz they need help.


#2  Dude what were you thinking?  Not a good idea to have a profile picture of you kneeling next to a grave site?  WTH?

#3  It would have been a good idea for you to take your apron off before you took the picture, although it is nice to see you have a job.

#4  You looked kind of cute in your first picture, but then the picture of you sitting on the bus stop killed it for me.  You should keep that a secret until you get to know a girl.  If she likes you enough she will give you a ride or two........ first off?  Nope she's gonna say no.

#5  Wow a half naked old man.  Not a good look anytime let alone for a profile picture.  It says he's 49 but he looks 69, wrinkled beyond belief.  He had a very touching story about how his first wife died and he seeks another life mate.  However he drinks, smokes and only goes to church twice a month.  My response?  You had me at hello!  LOL!   NOT!

#6  Pay dirt!!!!  Hunka Hunka burnin love.  Tall, handsome... great profile pic, great profile intro.. good job, goes to church, no smoking... pics of his friends who also look nice.... biggest selling point he still does the running man and wants a dance partner.    Im in!   LOL

Well one out of 7 isn't bad I guess.  This is all in fun, so don't think I'm being hyper critical, just observations. 

Would love it if you shared some of your stories with me if you have ever done online dating.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Come on a date with me.

I decided to join a dating site... the new dating site "Christian Mingle".  I had kind of set dating to the side and really still have.. but I thought it would be fun to really get this blog kicking by actually having some dating experiences to share with you.  Going out takes this abstinence walk to a whole other level. 

What really made me decide to do this were some of the dating profiles I saw on the site.  Now it's a "Christian" Site, but clearly not all who are on it have a "Christian mindset.

Some have been funny, disappointing, and down right shocking. 

Today I will share with you profile #WTH????  Obviously the details will only be of a superficial nature so as not to possibly give any identity away, i won't even share race.  This young man, decent looking, tall seems to dress decent, begins his profile with I just wanna have fun???  I thought wow if you only wanna have fun why this site.  He is in his 40's so this was even more disappointing as I would have expected to hear that from a 25 year old.  So let us dig deeper into some other details.  His church attendance????  Only on holidays... LOL what a surprise.  He smokes, drinks & has several children.  Overall rating?  I don't know why the women aren't lined up around the block for you dude!  LMBO!

I will continue to share with you some of the experiences I have on this site.  Those that contact me with any interesting things to say will be included.

Oh and I've discovered there are a lot of seemingly great single Christian men out there... but they are all under 5'10.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are You a Temptrest in Sheeps Clothing?

It occurred to me today, how many of us, set ourselves up for failure in our attempt to remain pure or even just being a decent woman.  For many who have not overcome the carnal mindset yet,  a failure to learn how to attract a man outside of enticing him sexually is common.  When you have been used to attention from men for all the wrong reasons you don't understand what it feels like to get it for all the right reasons.  Instead of displaying the fruit of the spirit, you display your melons or your cookies.  Many try to abstain, but in their efforts to remain attractive to or entice the opposite sex, things are done that compromise not only your walk but your credibility. 

Let me explain, if you really want a man that wants you for you and not what's between  your legs, then you can't show him what's between your legs.  There is an ever increasing practice of sending photos via cell phones of ones private parts.  Is this innocent?  Women do it to entice men, men do it to entice women.  The proverbial "show me what your working with" shot. 

Some think it's no big deal, they aren't having sex but they feel the need to tease and entice to prove sexual desirability.   What inevitably happens is you will get caught up during a weak moment and yield to the temptation eventually, I know cuz it has almost happened to me. 

I have shared before how many times I have had men send me random shots of their junk, unsolicited I might add.  Many may find it amusing, and return the favor by showing your goodies... bad idea.

If you have made the declaration that you desire to abstain and then send a pic of your goodies, trust and believe that man will loose all respect for you.  He then will be in perpetual pursuit of what you have shown him and once he gets it he will be done with you.  Oh and please don't act like a Christian man or woman doesn't do these things cuz they do.  Many fail to lay aside worldly temptations and mindsets. Many suffer from sexual addiction etc...

Renew your mind and learn how to attract a man without seducing him sexually and if a man sends you those types of pictures on your phone, don't keep them, delete them immediately.  The images will burn into your memory and cause you to meditate on it.  And we all know what you meditate on, will eventually be acted upon.

If I receive pics like that, I delete them immediately.... Lord knows I don't need a big ol sausage staring me in the face so I can lust over it.  We don't need to add to an already difficult task.

Just food for thought.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sin & Anxiety

Keeping this chronicle has been kind of like keeping a diet diary..... and really writing down what you ate when no one but you knows.   Do you tell the truth or do you lie or omit?  What you write down depends on who's gonna see it and your level of the end of the day, you only cheat yourself right?

There really is nothing going on in my world as it pertains to sex..... again I have offers from a couple of men who find me attractive, but they want nothing more then to have sex so what's the point.  People don't seem to understand when I say I have had enough sex to last me a lifetime so what I desire is love and most of all obedience to God.  Some people understand but most men act like they don't.  What's not to understand though????   To quote my girl Debra, no ringy no dingy.... LOL 

I wanted to touch a little on how sin creates in us an anxiety.  As Christians when we are out of obedience, being that we are connected to God via our spirits, unresolved sin creates conflict within us ( what some call "vexing".  )

Obedience to God and His commandments brings peace to your soul, however disobedience brings about conflict.  This conflict manifests it's self in anxiety..... you find yourself feeling frustrated, anxious, angry, full of rage, not at peace.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  If it does, ask yourself what areas of your life you may be out of obedience.

God never said you wouldn't go through trials in your life which can indeed create stress.....  however God promises to give you peace, rest, restoration.  If your not able to reach a peaceful place, it's likely you are out of obedience in some area of your life, including not reading the word of God which is healing to our bones.

I find I am at the most peace even in a storm when I am in obedience.... knowing I am not doing anything to separate me from God.  Mind you He never leaves us, but sin creates a gap between us and God, because often as Adam & Eve did in the garden.... we HIDE ourselves from God out of shame, conviction, guilt, condemnation......

Ok Ok I'll stop preaching...... but I just want folks to be at peace, just my two cents.....


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

Well it's my birthday again... yep one every year!  This makes 41 years strong and I thank God for every year good and bad.

It's been a while since I've posted and for good reason.  I've been taking many moments to reflect and be quiet these days as I have felt the attack of the enemy from every direction in the last few weeks, several months actually but particularly the last few weeks.  Yes in the area of sexual desires since that is what this blog is about mainly but in so many other areas as well.

As for my abstinence I have been struggling quite a bit... definitely a season of high desire.  Not for any particular reason that I can see other then hormones...except that I also perceive an attack of the enemy on my mind.  Yes I said it.... for those of you who understand that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities in high places (Ephesians 6:12)  you know what I mean.  I can tell when sexual thoughts come from ME versus the enemy.  I have had quite a few men "hit me up".... wanting to entice me.  A couple with the offer of "just oral sex" as I'm sure quite a few of you have gotten, you know that offer that most often leads to way more?  I almost gave into one offer... considered it for far too long and actually responded with consideration????  WTH????  I had to shake it off. What was I thinking..... I know what I was thinking... I was thinking a nice orgasm would be great right about now.  Boy it took a minute to shake that one off and I actually felt super guilty for even considering it.  What kind of example would that be???

Since the purpose of this blog is to encourage people to abstain from sex or overcome sexual bondage it stands to reason I have an enemy who desires to take me out of play.  Dramatic?  Not really, it's a reality when you understand the spirit realm and not just the realm of the flesh.  See folks will believe in all that psychic crap but won't believe in the Biblical truths about the spirit realm.

The other area of attack in my life has been on the health of myself and family members seemingly all at once.  Last year in December I wound up in the hospital with symptoms of heart issues... I almost blew my top.  Unfortunately what comes with the territory of diabetes is heart disease.... a wake up call for me to take better care of myself.  Next My brother is diagnosed with thyroid cancer, my sister-in-law is in need of surgery and I again just this week wind up in the hospital again, this time faced with possible surgery for ovarian cysts that caused so much pain I couldn't walk.  BUT GOD!!!!  Oh and the morphine drip was amaZing!  LOL

As my boy Broderick said..... they turned me into a junky.... now they tryin to send me to rehab & I said  NO NO NO.... LOL

Anywho, those things on top of several deaths even multiple deaths in single families over the last few months in our church has just been a heavy burden spiritually.  Your prayers are much appreciated.

I know there are others dealing with far more & I get the burden of intercession quite frequently... but that on top of my own stuff can just be heavy.

I was feeling a little down today because yet another birthday is upon me and it seems as though I am not where I had hoped to be or want to be in many areas of my life.  There is never anyone to blame but self in these situations as I am in control of my life and choices... but none the less it has caused me to pause and reflect on my goals, desires & how I'm going about them.

God is never done working on us or through us, and as long as I remain yielded I know He can and will use me, I was just hoping some things would happen a little quicker then they are.  In thinking on that there is no time like the appointed time... so no point in rushing things but I think I'm excited to see what God has in store.  Last year was a year of revelation into my gifting.... God revealed a lot of the anointing on my life, He revealed how I would be used and it's overwhelming yet exciting to consider. After all that excitement the early part of this year is a little anti climactic... in more ways then one.... *****cheeseburger grin for those who get it.

Any how I've missed those of you who enjoy the blog... I've missed writing.  I hope folks will start participating more so I can see it's worth it.

What a woman wants for her birthday this year is just the continued love and support of her friends and family blood and extended through Christ.