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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sin & Anxiety

Keeping this chronicle has been kind of like keeping a diet diary..... and really writing down what you ate when no one but you knows.   Do you tell the truth or do you lie or omit?  What you write down depends on who's gonna see it and your level of the end of the day, you only cheat yourself right?

There really is nothing going on in my world as it pertains to sex..... again I have offers from a couple of men who find me attractive, but they want nothing more then to have sex so what's the point.  People don't seem to understand when I say I have had enough sex to last me a lifetime so what I desire is love and most of all obedience to God.  Some people understand but most men act like they don't.  What's not to understand though????   To quote my girl Debra, no ringy no dingy.... LOL 

I wanted to touch a little on how sin creates in us an anxiety.  As Christians when we are out of obedience, being that we are connected to God via our spirits, unresolved sin creates conflict within us ( what some call "vexing".  )

Obedience to God and His commandments brings peace to your soul, however disobedience brings about conflict.  This conflict manifests it's self in anxiety..... you find yourself feeling frustrated, anxious, angry, full of rage, not at peace.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  If it does, ask yourself what areas of your life you may be out of obedience.

God never said you wouldn't go through trials in your life which can indeed create stress.....  however God promises to give you peace, rest, restoration.  If your not able to reach a peaceful place, it's likely you are out of obedience in some area of your life, including not reading the word of God which is healing to our bones.

I find I am at the most peace even in a storm when I am in obedience.... knowing I am not doing anything to separate me from God.  Mind you He never leaves us, but sin creates a gap between us and God, because often as Adam & Eve did in the garden.... we HIDE ourselves from God out of shame, conviction, guilt, condemnation......

Ok Ok I'll stop preaching...... but I just want folks to be at peace, just my two cents.....


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  1. Amen. And this is a subject that will need much teaching and preaching unto our Lord returns. Because man uses sex to get your attention in everything. A very good reader about sexual sin is, Sex Traps by Wanda Turner. It also comes with a work book so you can really dig dip into understanding how the traps work.