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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look who's watching me.

Hey friends,

Thought I would continue on today.  I had a blast last night going through the profiles of some men who sent me greetings and expressed interest.  I will share with you a few of them in slight detail.  There is quantity but the quality is definitely and issue.  I was thinking maybe I could make some money by being a consultant for some of these guys... cuz they need help.


#2  Dude what were you thinking?  Not a good idea to have a profile picture of you kneeling next to a grave site?  WTH?

#3  It would have been a good idea for you to take your apron off before you took the picture, although it is nice to see you have a job.

#4  You looked kind of cute in your first picture, but then the picture of you sitting on the bus stop killed it for me.  You should keep that a secret until you get to know a girl.  If she likes you enough she will give you a ride or two........ first off?  Nope she's gonna say no.

#5  Wow a half naked old man.  Not a good look anytime let alone for a profile picture.  It says he's 49 but he looks 69, wrinkled beyond belief.  He had a very touching story about how his first wife died and he seeks another life mate.  However he drinks, smokes and only goes to church twice a month.  My response?  You had me at hello!  LOL!   NOT!

#6  Pay dirt!!!!  Hunka Hunka burnin love.  Tall, handsome... great profile pic, great profile intro.. good job, goes to church, no smoking... pics of his friends who also look nice.... biggest selling point he still does the running man and wants a dance partner.    Im in!   LOL

Well one out of 7 isn't bad I guess.  This is all in fun, so don't think I'm being hyper critical, just observations. 

Would love it if you shared some of your stories with me if you have ever done online dating.


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