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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sex Isn't Everything

Over time as I submitted more to Christ and not my flesh,  I began to ask myself why is sex such a big deal to everyone including me.  I mean I know it feels good, but why must it control us?  Sex is everywhere we go, on the radio, tv, movies, and no one can seem to see the scheme of the enemy in all this.

Funny my Pastor even said today that most people don't come to Christ or ever truly walk out their purpose because of sex.

This caused me to reflect on how much time I have wasted and how true that statement was.  I spent a great many years battling my flesh, mind and the desire for sexual gratification as a single.... of course what I really wanted was marriage so I wouldn't be in sin, however I was willing to compromise and give into the temptation for the companionship and momentary gratification.   All to the detriment of self, perpetuation of damage to self, self esteem & self worth

In all things we have a choice and I made the choice to satisfy my desire and not fulfill my purpose.  I had to take a moment to ask God to forgive me for all the men I put before my purpose.

What I can say that this walk of abstinence has done for me, is given me vision, clear without obstruction.  My thoughts are clear I have better focus and direction, a bigger sense of purpose, a stronger desire to fullfill it and a stronger presence of the Holy Spirit within because my temple is clean, cuz keep in mind no one wants to live in a dirty house.  1 Cor 6:18 speaks of the sin of sex outside of marriage being different then any other sin because it is done to self, your own body.  God in His infinite wisdom and knowledge knows how much damage sex with multiple partners can cause, mentally, emotionally, physically, even unto death..... or even unto generations to come... (children out of wedlock) damage damage damage, diseases.... damage damage damage...... Thing is the devil knows to....

We have the ability to set the standard, exhibit self control and live our lives whole and happy, sex should just be the icing on the cake, not the whole cake.  So today I encourage you to make the right choices, and do just that, be happy and whole and the rest will follow.

I was just thinking is all.

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