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Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing with Fire

You know the saying "if you play with fire you will eventually get burned"?  Couldn't be truer.  Are you playing with fire in your attempt to abstain from sex?  I know I have... and recently.   I don't beat myself up about it, but I certainly kick myself after thanking God for my narrow escape on many occasions.  The most recent occasion being when I allowed an ex boyfriend to come over my house "to visit"... (we remained friendly after our break up)   It's funny how we remain naive to others intentions... I didn't think for a moment he came to "get some", I thought he came to say hello, talk a little, hang out etc.....   no biggie.  Then it happened, the conversation turned to old times... how he missed me, how I might have been the one that got away because he was too immature to see my value. then the hug goodbye....  You know that one?  The one that brings back memories, fond ones, chemistry, old feelings, the ones you think are long gone (for me they really are).  But I guess when you have been deprived of affection, contact, romance you get that feeling rising up in you, your body temperature rises, the temptation increases and you in that moment have a choice to make, will you give in or will you resist.

He tried to kiss me... then I knew it was gonna be trouble... Kisses for me are never just kisses, unless I give you one on the cheek.   He made his attempt and I felt like Holyfield in a boxing match.... I bobbed and weaved trying to duck it....   He got the message.

I was tempted... wanted to kiss him to be honest, but not because I love him.... I love to kiss and it's something I miss.  I briefly thought I might do it, thinking of course it can be just a kiss... a little make out session, but I knew HIM and I know ME.  So in that brief moment, I made the choice to avoid the potential danger.

It's certainly not always easy, but it is what we should do.  If we take those brief moments to think and reject the temptation, we can avoid some sticky situations that we often regret.

So if you don't wanna get burned, it's best you don't play with fire.


  1. Well done, so do you get what Harry meant when he said "men and women can't be friends?" I will say that it is easier when you are not in each other's presence, or if one of you is in a relationship. In fact, maybe, that is almost the ONLY way that men and women can be truly platonic - for one or both of them to be off the market.

  2. @Soljah, LOL I love that movie.. When Harry Met Sally... and nope I don't think that men and women can be friends ONLY unless is sincerely no physical attraction. The slightest physical attraction, leaves room for more, since that's where it begins. Ex lovers are a particularly sticky issue because there is already history. I don't know anyone who hasn't slept with an ex at least once after breaking up.

  3. Always seems to be that way. lol

    For me honestly it depends on the person. There are EX that I wouldn't touch with a 10inch pole... aperfect example would be my son's father. I love him dearly as a person, would never wish any harm to him, deep in my heart wish that it would have worked...but through my struggles and hardships my reality knows that he would never get another chance outta me...I have a few I feel this way about - If I gave 110 and they gave 40 I'm no way jose, or if I knew they were just for now, and it was nothing but time attraction, Im good...and then there are those others that sometimes make you feel like...maybe he's back in my life for a Season, instead of a reason......maybe a lifetime. =)

    My weakest strength, is that I am a hopeless romantic. I work so off of emotions...its hard for me sometimes to seperate things logically. For me the older I get the more impatient I get, therefore the less people I deal with. So if I give a guy a chance, that means I am genuinely interested...while not realizing that many people aren't at this level know how some people try and make things work with certain people cause they seem to be together, or maybe good for them...I am the opposite. I always seem to follow for the wrong reasons...the EMOTIONAL in me. I am one of them chics that always seem to think MAYBE just maybe HE is the ONE =)

    and then you know how that ends.....sigh

  4. Good work.

    Even though Jesus clearly defined sinless sex as that between husband and wife, I get the impression sometimes that Christians regard it no differently than the world and indulge in sexual immorality. But is one really a Christian if they are deliberately disregarding Him?

    I also wonder if many females think they must give a man sex before marriage to keep him. If so, he is the wrong man and does not love Christ - find one who does.