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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, if your really serious about abstaining keep the opposite sex out of your home.  I mean really who are you fooling?  If they are not REALLY JUST A FRIEND!!!!!  Then always meet in a neutral place... public, controlled setting.  Seriously.....   I mean how do you expect to have a grown ass man in your house on your couch and not want to kiss, snuggle, touch, and eventually have a taste of some sausage when it starts getting hot. 

Unless you have been walking the walk for a long time, who are you kidding by inviting him over for dinner, just dinner right?  Or going to his place for dinner... then drinking some wine, getting a foot massage (dang that sounds great) next thing you know a back massage, a neck massage, a tongue massage.  LOL for real people!!

So while you might be fooling yourself, your not fooling God... cuz He can see what's in your heart and knows just how far you will go before you go there.

A man or woman of integrity will agree and make every effort to keep you both out of the frying let alone the fire. 

If your not dating a person who understands that then you shouldn't be dating that person.  Just keeping it real and if you wanna be real with yourself and your journey you will admit the truth in my statements.

I have never been able to invite a man over to my house for an evening and not have him want sex, and me pretty much want it too, unless I just wasn't really that interested in him. 

So lets not put ourselves in a position to fail K Pumpkin????   LOL 

Please share your thoughts... do you agree or disagree?


Celibacy 101

I wonder how many of those who read this are celibate or want to be... if so please share you journey and insights with me and to those who read.  Knowledge is power and there is also power in numbers..... strength and resilience in a common bond.

Celibacy is not just a physical surrender, it's mental, emotional, spiritual and profound.  It will change your life, your perspective on life, love, relationships, self, God. 

It's a very powerful journey and I encourage you to grow closer to God and indulge your flesh less.  Watch the transformation of self.  You will be amazed.

It's about so much more then just not having sex.  That mentality will have you stuck and operating from your lower nature.   This journey is about transcending to higher heights.

You can actually learn how to build and increase intimacy in the romantic relationship you desire by first mastering your flesh by yourself, then add that special person to your life who is respecting of your choice to abstain till marriage. You can learn true intimacy and how to love each other beyond the sexual connection.  That deep meaningful connection that speaks to forever instead of for right now

Put God first and you will forever be better for the experience, this I PROMISE YOU.