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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are You a Temptrest in Sheeps Clothing?

It occurred to me today, how many of us, set ourselves up for failure in our attempt to remain pure or even just being a decent woman.  For many who have not overcome the carnal mindset yet,  a failure to learn how to attract a man outside of enticing him sexually is common.  When you have been used to attention from men for all the wrong reasons you don't understand what it feels like to get it for all the right reasons.  Instead of displaying the fruit of the spirit, you display your melons or your cookies.  Many try to abstain, but in their efforts to remain attractive to or entice the opposite sex, things are done that compromise not only your walk but your credibility. 

Let me explain, if you really want a man that wants you for you and not what's between  your legs, then you can't show him what's between your legs.  There is an ever increasing practice of sending photos via cell phones of ones private parts.  Is this innocent?  Women do it to entice men, men do it to entice women.  The proverbial "show me what your working with" shot. 

Some think it's no big deal, they aren't having sex but they feel the need to tease and entice to prove sexual desirability.   What inevitably happens is you will get caught up during a weak moment and yield to the temptation eventually, I know cuz it has almost happened to me. 

I have shared before how many times I have had men send me random shots of their junk, unsolicited I might add.  Many may find it amusing, and return the favor by showing your goodies... bad idea.

If you have made the declaration that you desire to abstain and then send a pic of your goodies, trust and believe that man will loose all respect for you.  He then will be in perpetual pursuit of what you have shown him and once he gets it he will be done with you.  Oh and please don't act like a Christian man or woman doesn't do these things cuz they do.  Many fail to lay aside worldly temptations and mindsets. Many suffer from sexual addiction etc...

Renew your mind and learn how to attract a man without seducing him sexually and if a man sends you those types of pictures on your phone, don't keep them, delete them immediately.  The images will burn into your memory and cause you to meditate on it.  And we all know what you meditate on, will eventually be acted upon.

If I receive pics like that, I delete them immediately.... Lord knows I don't need a big ol sausage staring me in the face so I can lust over it.  We don't need to add to an already difficult task.

Just food for thought.

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  1. Lisa,

    Very well said. Many in this present Christian generation [18 - 35] see the visual aspect of sexual promiscuity [sexting], deep kissing or heavy petting, as okay. I was AMAZED when a young lady told me she had gone out on a date with a young man and they engaged in deep kissing on the first date. They test the waters with reckless abandon, many times to see if a man is all man or a woman is all woman, but more routinely as a part of their approach to sexuality and relationships. It's alarming to me,

    1) because this practice is becoming more the rule than the exception and
    2) the practice opens doors of impropriety which are much more difficult to close once parted.

    Well done Woman of God. Well, well, done. Thank you.