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Monday, March 28, 2011

Come on a date with me.

I decided to join a dating site... the new dating site "Christian Mingle".  I had kind of set dating to the side and really still have.. but I thought it would be fun to really get this blog kicking by actually having some dating experiences to share with you.  Going out takes this abstinence walk to a whole other level. 

What really made me decide to do this were some of the dating profiles I saw on the site.  Now it's a "Christian" Site, but clearly not all who are on it have a "Christian mindset.

Some have been funny, disappointing, and down right shocking. 

Today I will share with you profile #WTH????  Obviously the details will only be of a superficial nature so as not to possibly give any identity away, i won't even share race.  This young man, decent looking, tall seems to dress decent, begins his profile with I just wanna have fun???  I thought wow if you only wanna have fun why this site.  He is in his 40's so this was even more disappointing as I would have expected to hear that from a 25 year old.  So let us dig deeper into some other details.  His church attendance????  Only on holidays... LOL what a surprise.  He smokes, drinks & has several children.  Overall rating?  I don't know why the women aren't lined up around the block for you dude!  LMBO!

I will continue to share with you some of the experiences I have on this site.  Those that contact me with any interesting things to say will be included.

Oh and I've discovered there are a lot of seemingly great single Christian men out there... but they are all under 5'10.

I hope you enjoy!

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