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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fallen Angel my last post for 2012

I wanted to end the year with some basic truth, transparency & wisdom i've learned and know I should share.  This year has been a ruff year, but not so ruff I couldn't survive.  I had some ruff times and some good times and some learning moments on this walk of abstainence this year.  I made some mistakes, put myself in some bad situations & learned a lot.  This Angel has fallen a few times in her lifetime but still I rise.
True repenetence dictates that you have a change of mind, heart, attitude & direction which I can say I have truly repented of sexual sin and been delivered from unnatural desires, overactive imagination & soul ties that stem from sin & past experiences. Can you repent more then once?  Yep I have... I've managed to do well for several months or a couple of years then fall.  I can't say it won't happen again either.  I can only say that I am doing my best.

Ladies, men will never see value in you, that you don't see in yourself. While we like to say we are valuable, few truly understand where their value rests.  A man not submitted to God will always look between your legs for the treasure that is really between your ears & in your chest cavity.
What you put on display is what he will see. Let God show you where your value is. The treasure in an earthen vessel. HA!
My vagina is meant for my husband to be. My vagina is not a playground for men who desire to hit it and quit it. If he wants it he will put a ring on it. Though I love the sausage I will not allow my love for sausage to overtake me. LOL now all those in agreement say?
Challenges and tough times are faced by all at some point. It's how you handle them that matters. It's in the roughest times that your true character, strength and resilience have an opportunity to show. Truth for the journey is that pride will get you no where, humility goes a long way, and trusting God is imperative.
Sex is meant for marriage and your inability to control your sexual urges is not due to hormones but your spiritual walk, lack of deliverence and failure to renew your mind daily.  Grow up in Christ!  It makes all the difference in the world.

Sex should never control you, you should control it.  We all need it & want it, but what should superced your desire to satisfy your flesh is your desire to please God.

God understands what you want and need, He's just smarter then you are and knows your not ready for it.

Stop asking God to take away your urges and desires & ask Him to help you manage them. 

Stop wanting to get married because you want sex... marriage is not just for sex.   Your lack of self control will have you married to the wrong person and distruction can soon follow.

While single and waiting to meet that right person, prepare for marriage... allow God to prepare you.  Allow God to work out of you those things that are not of HIM and work IN the things that are.  His yoke is light.

Some of us wouldn't know a good spouse if we saw one and really need to step back and take a good look at past decisions and those things clouding our vision so we can see who God has intended for us.  

In this year ahead really focus on your relationship with God and stop focusing on whether or not this person or that person is your husband/wife.  Stop focusing on how horny you are.  Really you shouldn't be thinking about sex all the time and if you are, you have way to much time on your hands and have failed to take on the spiritual nature of your father......

Walking in the spirit and not the flesh is key and bringing our bodies under subjetion to the Holy Spirit is imperative.

You can do this.  

Ladies and gentlemen respect yourselves & each other and lead each other into righteousness not temptation. 

Stop making excuses for your behavior.

Seek deliverence if you know you have an issue, God is faithful to deliver.

Men you are the head, take that position with integrity and stop using your lower nature as an excuse.  If a woman tries to seduce you, be willing to say no.  Be willing to restore her & keep her when she can't keep herself.  Be willing to walk in integrity and walk away from a woman who is not your wife.  Be willing to say no and recognize you are not to take what is not rightfully yours and will not be rightfully yours until you have married her. 

Men be respectful and kind even to those women you perceive don't deserve it because everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

What I pray for everyone reading is that in the new year you will walk in healing, wholenss & deliverence in the mighty name of Jesus.  That you will consider God in all that you do.  That you will have eyes to see, and ears to hear what God is saying to you in 2012.  That integrity, character & virtue will be your garments in 2012... no more compromising yourself and others.

Be blessed family and if you fell this year, God is faithful to forgive.  Get up dust it off and keep it pushin.  You will be better in 2012. 


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