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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Are women really that picky?  We think we know the truth but the mark is being missed big time here..... what many are not looking at is the new dynamic in churches.... women can be picky yes... however the truth is most Godly women are not picky... we just have little to pick from. The churches are either filled with women... like my church (dare to say 80% women) or they are filled with men who know that they can go to church to find women (easy desperate women) i.e. some mega churches I know to be total meat markets... the standard has long since been lowered due to a lack of good teaching in singles ministries which reinforce with practical application the need to be pure in relationships, how to foster relationships and those who can actually teach and demonstrate how is should be done. While the whores in the pulpit yell at us about keeping our legs closed they are the very perpetrators of the secret sin we all fall into.... and above all what most people find disgusting is hypocricy.

Men have for a while been losing their foothold as head due to the change in family dynamic, womens rights movements etc.... which have put women in positions of power financially and emotionally of their families (not as God ordained it) Men hold the ultimate responsibility at the end of the day as the head..... leadership...... remember decay begins from the top down.....

Women need to re learn what their position is and embrace it, while men need to re-learn what theirs is and hold it without ego but love as Christ loves the church. Men need to return to the church in greater numbers so they can be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Women are crying our for this. I for one will just continue to hold my possition in intercession praying for an outpouring on our men so that they will return to their rightful positions and bring balance back to us women. The bible does say that we will become lovers of self and men will refuse to marry. Men refuse to marry because they no longer have to work, cuz women give it away.

I am single, far from superficial.... have never looked for money, always looked for Godly values in men and that seems to be hard to find in men these days...... this is a core issue with both men and women these days... values have changed a lot, even among the so called people of God. I either run into the man who seems to be the hearer and not the doer, or he is so anal spiritually, yes I said it that you can't have a conversation.... We need help Lord!

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