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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A closed mouth doesn't get fed

You want to be strong and resilient and resist the cookie and the sausage, but we must pray to not enter into temptation. Never let anyone discourage you from Bible study and prayer. These are the most life-giving, Satan-resistant activities that you can do. Do you ever notice that you will find yourself most attacked in your desire to pray?.. hindered, tired, weary, almost incapable? This causes weakness and it starts by your forgetting to pray or not being disciplined and diligent in prayer. Giving God and occasional honorable mention or head nod or quick acknowledgment is NOT sufficient. So with that said your fruit will manifest based on how much you sow.... if you sow sparingly in prayer, then you shall reap sparingly in results. God didn't fail to answer, you failed to ask. #closedmouthdon'

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