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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can of worms!

I must admit i've been doing very well on this walk lately... exhibiting self control, really casting down my thoughts and to be honest not really thinking about sex like I used to.  I remember a time when my thoughts were consumed with desire, lust and the thought of it. 

I did however make an almost deadly mistake recently in a weak moment of hormonal rage!  Yep I sure did.  I was feeling kind a frisky... and I can't even tell you what came over me, when I decided to text an ex.  I was having this memory of him for some reason and I allowed my thoughts to linger on a moment with him.  So like a dummy I sent a text message to "say hey".  You know those texts right?  The ones that always lead to more. 

Anyhow that text led to a phone conversation, an innocent one (right).   We talked about old times, laughed, caught up then hung up.

Then it came.... a text from him later asking if he could come over to see me.  SMH  what did I do!

I know exactly what I did.. I did what I should never have done, I opend the proverbial can of worms.

I am thankful though that I have built a resolve and strength to resist, because I easily declined the offer, though I may have even considered it briefly.  I then apologized for even contacting him.

See this is the reason you should delete old numbers.....

Usually I get lots of unsolicited text messages, calls or even random appearances at my door.... now those things I can't control... but I made the error this time. 

Those are the things we have to really consider on this walk.  We conciously set ourselves up for failure.

The moment passed and I passed the test... awe the Lord is good and faithful to give you a route of escape.

Can you imagine if I had allowed him to come over? 

Note to self another reason to not remain friends with ex boyfriends..

Yep the sausage was callin but I didn't answer. 

I know I'm not the only one this happens to right?  ****big grin

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  1. I thank God for your blog, it's helping me stay strong.
    -Cassia Ann