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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letting Go When All The Signs Point To Exit

I was talking to a friend today and the subject came up about letting go of relationships.  Whether romantic or just friendships, do you know how to let go?  Do you pay attention to all the signs that point to the exit?  Or do you hold on refusing to let go like a fat woman holding on to a snicker bar?  I personally have a kung fu crip on my oatmeal raisin cookies ***** don't judge me.

I have found on many occasions I have refused to let go of relationships that needed to end, friendships & romantic ties.  I have been one of those women with the savior complex, you know try to help everyone, never wanna give up on anyone.  To a degree it's a great trait.  I give a million and one chances.  I mean God doesn't give up on u right?.  However He will let us go....... He will release us in the wilderness of our disobedience, until such a time as we come to our senses.  So sometimes we must also let others go into their wilderness & not allow them to drag us with them.

It is that million and one chance that can send you into a dark place, a lonely place, a depressed place, a dead place (just keeping it real).  Yes your inability to let go when needed can indeed cost your life literally.

Ask yourself why you hold on, when all signs point to go.  Ask yourself what the possible consequences can be if you hold on to the relationship.

I know for me it has cost me a lot of time..... time I could have spent doing more productive things then trying to convince someone to love me.  Or time spent wanting the friendship to be more then what it was when you have made it clear I am not important to you as a friend.

Any relationship that does not add to your life in a positive way, is a relationship that needs to end.  Any relationship that devalues you, or causes you to neglect yourself or others without good cause is a bad one.  Any relationship that leaves you emotionally depleted no matter how much you work at it is not a good one.

Many relationships just run a course based on where we are in life, some are meant for a lifetime and some for a season, but there are some relationships we never should have gotten into to begin with.  Some of us ignored the signs, passed go and collected $200 and are now living with our nightmare or suffered significant consequences as a result that damage our self esteem, hinder our spiritual growth and even caused us to abort God given dreams and purpose.

If this speaks to you in any way, don't be afraid to let go of the relationship that is holding you back.  Head towards the exit.  You will find, light, sunshine, fresh air await you for your obedience.

God always rewards obedience.  ;*)

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