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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Real Test

I was just considering that for now I've been doing so well because I haven't really met anyone that truly tempted me to any degree I couldn't resist.  I have not met anyone with the schmeckle de resistance (say this with French Accent)  I am super hormonal right now and would love a good shag, but still it's not that serious because I don't have anyone I'm particularly tempted by to that degree, nope not even with offers from sexy chocolatay men who wanna, well you know & send me pictures.  It's enough to get a girl a little hot and bothered so  I asked my BFF if humping a hydrant would be considered FORNTICATION......... she said only if you managed to get off on said hydrant.  ;*)  touche!

The true test will come when I meet someone who I fall madly in love with.  That hasn't happened yet and to be honest I can't wait for it to happen.  When I start dating someone special then this blog will get really interesting.

What I have learned about sin & ones will however  is that we can do as we will and desire to do, since I DESIRE to abstain it has become easier & easier.  Sin actually requires effort you know.  It doesn't just happen.  You actually consider it and have a moment to resist.  The moment you don't resist you then relinquish your will to that thing WILLINGLY.

As a matter of fact the most heinous of sins i.e. murder, adultry, etc.... require the most planning. 

I have myself & known others (yes Christians) to go to great lengths to perpetrate some pretty avoidable sins.

I mean if you make the reservation at the hotel, you have gone above and beyond to ensure your going to make it happen right?

Why do we plan to fail instead of plan to succeed?   The more effort you put into resistance the more results you will see in that area.  The more effort you put into sin, you then will see the fruit of your labor.  What ever you feed will grow & what ever you starve will die.  I said this long ago on my facebook blog & Tyler Perry stole it!!!  He said it on Oprah a few weeks ago.... LOL

Peace, Love, Joy, Blessings.


  1. As one who HAS met someone, and IS madly in love (or has chosen that this is the person worthy of my love), I must say that you are absolutely right! It's easy to resist when there is no one in particular to tempt you. But then, of course, there is the issue of "me". You see, I have also found over the years that....."I can do bad all by myself" (LOL) if you know what I mean.
    So now I'm fighting the battle of....even if me & he don't get busy, then what about "me & me". Is that the lesser of two evils? Or are we just supposed to totally deny ourselves that fleshly "release". Especially after years and years.....and years of not having to.
    Someone please enlighten me? With some truth AND some reality!

  2. @Anonymous, please see the post "The right hand of fellowship" Masturbation & the church. It may or may not help.

    LOL you can do bad all by yourself huh? Well lets keep it real, most of us can and do. Like you said often the lessor of two evils.

    In the end I have learned God will work it out, but we have to be willing to allow Him too.

    Like I said it takes a conscious effort to sin, so it takes just as much effort not to.

    Is anyone going to hell for masturbating? ABSOFRICKENLUTELY NOT!!!!!

    Can it become addicting, yes.... can it hinder your anointing? Yes if it's an addiction and you are using other things to stimulate, such as porn or eeeehhhheeem "the rabbit" LOL

    Like I told another woman, it's between you and God... ask Him if it's wrong... He will answer & when He answers, be willing to accept the answer.

    Also you mentioned years & years of not having to... this tells me you were probably married. I know many people who were married & now single facing a whole new life as a Christian being single that they forgot existed.

    Abstinence is not easy as a Christian when you have not been taught the lifestyle from a young age.

    If you found someone worthy of your love, then he should feel the same and you both should make it official, that way your not feeling all guilty. Just my two cents....