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Monday, January 31, 2011

Why Does Thou Tempt Me 2

Trust me when I say that I'm not surprised that I would have a increase of boldness in being approached by men as I have increased my boldness in abstinence and the encouragement thereof.   So when I received a text message from an old boyfriend this weekend, I wasn't surprised or shocked.

Now mind you I haven't seen or been with this person in almost two years, he is actually currently engaged and about to be married.  (doesn't that always happen)

As I lay down in my bed and I hear the sound of frogs ****insert sound affect.  (my ringtone for txt) I pick up my phone and first wondered who it was since it showed a number and not a name.  You know how that goes, you erase them, but clearly he didn't erase me.

Then I see the text which reads "I miss you and want to ****"    I will leave the rest to your imagination.

I send a response of who is this?  I get a response of wow have you erased me so easily?  This is Blank.  

My response:  I erased you long ago and you should erase me, especially since your getting married.

His response:  Oh I could never erase you

My response: Please try

His response:  Oh like that?

My response:  Yes like that

His response:  Well I miss you, can we just watch a movie or something.  I need to talk to you.

My response: No that won't work for me, It's not appropriate anymore, besides you have no intention on watching anything.

His response:  I promise I'll be good

My response:  Go to bed, this moment will pass.  Go get your fiance, that's what she's for and leave me alone

His response:  Ok, if that's how you feel

My response:  Yes that's how I feel, goodnite

Now in this case familiarity and comfort could have easily led to disaster.  I must say the devil has impeccable timing.  I was feeling particularly hormonal and would have loved to satisfy my urges the way grown folks do. 

It's often very difficult to break away from old flames, even when they are dating other people.  You may have broken up for other reasons, but sexual compatibility wasn't one of them.  That was this case.

Thing is he knows I am abstaining from sex because that is one of the reasons he didn't stick around.  While we were dating I told him that I couldn't continue to vex my spirit or Gods & that God was more important to me then he was.  I gave him the opportunity to be with me in spirit and forge a wonderful relationship based on a better foundation then sex, but he chose to move on.  Oddly enough, the next woman he met he decided to marry.  Story of my life.

Back to the moral of the story, don't allow the comfort and familiarity of an old flame to draw you back into temptation.  It happens very easily & very quickly.  Those soul ties can go on for years.  Mine did.

Any man that is willing to continue to engage with you sexually but not truly commit to you needs to be removed from your life.  Rest assured while your waiting for him to love you the way you deserve he already knows your NOT the one,but he's willing to take what you will give him until the RIGHT one comes along.

Self respect & dignity are worth far more than a few moments of pleasure.

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