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Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Does Thou Tempt Me!

Why does thou tempt me!!!!  Why did I get an unsolicited picture message of someone who apparently wanted to tempt me into "spending time with him" (He's been trying for a while but I'm not interested).  It was a great picture, looked like a playgirl pictorial.  Not full nudity which was much appreciated cuz I have gotten unsolicited pics of the sausage before & it ain't pleasant.  I'm always left feeling blinded.   This however was very tastefully done (you could tell it was professional), but definitely provocative.  Well build, dark chocolate, laying on a bed of satin sheets with a part of the sheet strategically covering the schmeckle, six pack for days, arms that were what do they call them?    "Guns"  that's it!  I have a weakness for strong arms.  :*)

My response:  Why did you send me this

His response:  So you can see what your missing

My response:  What am I missing

His response:  All this

My response: Oh cool, so what are we doing for Valentines Day?

His response:  Huh?

My response:  Well I mean I'm sure I'm the only one your sending this pic to and inviting to enjoy your dark chocolaty goodness right?  So of course you want to spend quality time with me right?  (of course it was said sarcastically)

His response: ***********************************************   nothing

After I got a good laugh, and looked at the picture from a few angles (tilting head to the side), I deleted it.  No sense in having that around.

The Lord never tempts us but man does.  God only uses the opportunities to teach us how to resist or show us we can resist for He said there is always a way of escape.  We often just don't choose to take it.

Now how easy would it have been to accept the invitation, enjoy a moment of pleasure (maybe) then wind up feeling like a used piece of crap when all was said and done.

Day 28:  Doing great, feeling great about doing great.  Glad that I wasn't tempted cuz once upon a time I would have been, cuz the boy was fine yall!  But this time I just thought it was funny.  #sonotthatserious


  1. Now the reason i'm not interested is because I know all he wants is a sexual encounter. This is clear by his speech and lack of sincere intent to get to know me beyond our initial encounter.

    It's so important not to allow chemistry to dictate your physical interaction with people. We often engage in a physical relationship without ever setting any type of foundation for a lasting relationship.

    Sex should not be the first thing on your mind. Getting to know the heart of the person should be.

  2. Praise God, Lisa. Interestingly, one other thought that crossed my mind is, on top of that, it is nice to know that you attract attention, but then, I don't know, because that might tempt you to pride.

    What do you think; do you think that attractive people have it better, or worse, than unattractive people? Or do you think that it isn't better, just different?

  3. @ Soljah,

    I'm not sure how to take the part about "nice to know I attract attention". LOL Did you think perhaps I didn't? ;*)

    As for who has it worse, in what respect do you mean that? Do you mean attractive have it worse when it comes to trying to abstain?