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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sex & Football

As I was thinking last night I was wondering why men seem to have a harder time controlling their sex drive.  It's true & based on studies men think about sex several times a day over women & have a higher sex drive due to their testosterone levels.  But here is what I thought about last night that was funny to me.  If a man is watching football or doing things he enjoys, he could care less about sex.... that is of course until after the game.

How many women have complained that their husband/boyfriend doesn't even notice them during football season.  You could prance in front of him naked & he would just look around you to see the play.  Now that's funny.

I said all this to say that sex doesn't have to drive you, male or female.  If you feel DRIVEN & have a constant need for sex then you have an issue.  If you keep yourself occupied & feed yourself with other things it should lesson your focus on sex. 

I say you have an issue because I know from experience.  I used to be quite driven sexually.  My sex drive is still very high, however I just learned to shift my focus & have chosen to not feed something that will never be satisfied.  I desire love & companionship not just meaningless sexual encounters & having sex with all kinda folks all willy nilly kind of cheapens it don't you think?  ****hears the men saying NOPE  rebelliously......

I mean God does not want to deprive us of the pleasure of sex, He just wants us to do it the right way for the right reasons.  For all those who like to say that religion is just meant to oppress, I beg to differ.  There is nothing that God requires of us that will not benefit us.

If we consider the ramifications of promiscuity, why is it that we still don't seem to understand that it is to our benefit to not only abstain but be extremely discriminate in your choice of a mate.  Hmmmmm unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, & soul ties (which I will get into later) are all that await us for giving into those desires we can't seem to control.  All for a quick orgasm that last a few seconds that your going to want again later.....( yes it feels great) but hmmmm sounds like addiction and for some it is.

Why am I taking it so deep right now?  Because all I hear people saying is they CAN"T wait till marriage for sex, but what the real issue is that you don't want to, because if you CAN'T wait then you have a sexual addiction.  Just food for thought.

For us Christians we know that we should spend more time in the Word of God to curtail our urges.  Remind ourselves that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit & that we will not defile it by having sex with people whom we are not married to or at the very least engaged to.   Now I'm sure I will get some flack about the being engaged part (it's not biblical), but I'm just keeping it real.

If you find yourself bombarded with sexual thoughts, then remember we are to cast down every imagination.... so the instant it comes into your mind, cast it down... the more you do this the easier it becomes & the less the thoughts will consume you.  We often fail to recognize that we are under attack spiritually in the area of our sexual desires.  If the enemy can keep you bound, he can keep you from your purpose.

Last but not least, for those of you who struggle and don't want to learning to pray the right prayers is essential.  Stop asking God to take away your sexual desires & ask Him to show you how to MANAGE them.  Your sexual desires are normal, your drive to fulfill them are not.

Now lets watch some football!!!!!

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  1. Oh & I haven't had sex today! LOL Just thought you should know since that's what this is about...