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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cookie Power

A person recently stated that I USE sex as power by abstaining or withholding it.  Do you suppose there is any truth to that?  Does the cookie have that much power over men?  

Why yes, yes it does... & if women really understood that, we wouldn't have so many men misbehaving!  LOL

Now keep your cookies in the package until the man is willing to buy the cookie jar to put them in.  

I mean really, can you go into a store & eat the cookies out of the package on the shelf without buying them? 

Have you ever walked into a store and seen a package of cookies just opened with cookies missing?  LOL

Stop giving the cookie monster the cookies before he pays for them....

May the force be with you ladies ;*)

****note day 21 getting a little hormonal but all is well.


  1. Ok but can I let him nibble on the cookies a little? You know like a Costco sample size. So he'll see what he'll be missing if he acts up...I know im not the only one that was thinking that. Lol

  2. @ Anonymous #2

    Your rude vulgar & your comment is not real, it shows what a prick you are. Not a real man by far & not a man I would ever give it up to.

    You can roll all you want to. This Blog is meant in fun, but you just turned it into a toilet.

    Shows what type of person you are.

    There is certainly no shortage because women are dumb enough to give it up to idiots like you.

    Do us all a favor and tie your dick in a knot so you can't reproduce please.

  3. @Anonymous # 1 Yes we all think that.... I get plenty of offers... but I know what it will lead to, so I don't do it just to do it.

    If he wants to be my man then he'll stick around, but I'm not gonna fall for the old, Oh just let me taste it trick... men do that cuz they know once they do you will want more.

    Been there done that.

    @Anonymous #2
    Dude your an asshole... why are you even reading my blog? If you ever direct your vulgar crap at me again rest assured it's getting deleted.

    No one gives a flying fart what a man like you thinks because your one of those men who clearly has no respect for women with you bitch, ho references... it shows what type of man you are loud and clear... all in the name of keeping it real. So don't keep it real, keep it to yourself if you can't communicate intelligently.

  4. There were comments from last night that I removed because they were vulgar and offensive. But to be honest in hind site, I should have allowed them to remain as an example to the ladies of exactly why we should care more about who we give our bodies to.

    The comments were the exact reason I desire to abstain until marriage.

    A man who values you & relationships will not pressure you or make you feel bad or feed your head a bunch of games to get in your pants. Little boys do that.

    This is what I mean by misbehaving.

    If more women realized the power we have, not to manipulate but to change how men view us and treat us.

    We allow this behavior to continue because we fail to realize how valuable we are as women.

  5. Bottom Line: My Alabaster Box is on lock down until my Wedding Night. I am on RSVP for my Husband only. No more making footprints in the ceiling for some undeserving, horny, stiff-pricked man, NO!

    I was dating a guy for almost a year and I didn't have sex with him at all. It's not that I didn't want to. And yes, there were times I wanted to initiate something with him, even if it was a kiss. But a Still Small Voice spoke to me and said, "No don't do it. He's not your Husband yet. Stand still. Be patient. Wait on Me." Sadly, we're no longer dating. Yet, looking back, and discovering that he's still involved with his EX, FWBs, and some chick he's supposedly with now, I'm glad I listened and obeyed. A couple of my BGFs tried to convince me that b/c I withhold myself sexually from men, they're leaving me for other women and I need to reconsider my decision. As much as the rejection & abandonment disappoint, frustrate, and angers the hell out of me, I'm still abstaining from sex until I get married. And you know what else? Had I initiated anything with him, and had sex with him, it wouldn't have made a difference. One, he'd still have multiple women in his life. Two, it wouldn't have made me his one and only. Three, he'd freely take it w/no strings attached, just one more good thing he got from me. Four, he'd label me at a ??? (You fill in the blank). Five, he knew I'm a Christian, and therefore his perception of me would drastically change for the worse. Six, he'd take advantage of me seeing me a fresh free meat. Seven, I'd be broken emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and intellictually, being deceived that my relations with him are more than they really are ... "He's my man, I'm his woman, and I'd expect everyone, especially his multiple women, to follow suit and stay out of my way."

    Nah, I'm glad I listened and obeyed. I'll wait until God blesses me with The Best Man.