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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Celibate: One who abstains from sexual intercourse, especially by reason of religious vows.  

Since it's still January I am loving that I can start this at the very beginning of the year.  It's not a New Years Resolution or anything but just a fresh start on the journey I have consciously chosen & want to share with you.

I can officially say that as of January 1st till now I am sex free.  Yep no schmeckle.  I mean 13 days is not a big deal but just so you know we have a clean start & you can start counting the days with me. 

Just so you know I will use terms like Schmeckle, sausage, the cookie, the cooter..... all mild terms of endearment for our genitals as I don't desire to be vulgar nor do I desire to be clinical.  I hope that we can have fun, keep it clean, yet be informative, helpful & respectful to one another.

My hope is that this will be a helpful, healing, fun, informative tool for those who want to abstain from sex until marriage whether your a Christian or not..  I also want to use this as a forum to discuss the dating do's & don'ts or maybe figure out what those are.

This is not exclusive to women.... please men show your faces whether your celibate or not & speak your mind.... just remember to keep it clean.

Now just to clarify, I love sex as much as the next gal..... but as a Christian woman who desires to adhere to biblical guidelines regarding sexual activity I made the choice of no sex until marriage.  I am not as confident as I would like to be that I will succeed in accomplishing that to the letter, but my hopes are that as I go on this journey of accountability with you that I will become more & more confident as the days go by.

So to all who desire to journey with me can I get a Woo Woo?   

*****hears crickets walks off stage.


  1. Please feel free to post anonymously if you desire. I encourage participation. Just keep in mind if it's vulgar, or out of line it will be deleted. So lets all respect one another's opinions, views, thoughts etc....

  2. Lisa this is y ur going 2 get better,I love the blog,I love ur intro,ur concept,ur words you've chosen,ur mannerism,ur approach,ur delivery,I mean what can I say I love it all,if u need any help pushing this let me know I'm there 4 u.

  3. Thanks Joe.... we all have a voice, I hope to use mine well.