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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waking The Walk Not Just Talking the Talk A View Into Hypocrisy

Are you walking the walk or just talking the talk.  Most of us tend to do a little of both for the most part.  However for some it's a whole lotta talk and no walk. 
Those who allow hypocrisy to discourage them in their walk with God and His people in my opinion have more issues. Why allow the actions of another to affect you to that degree?  Hypocrisy is a disease of the flesh, so while you don't ignore it, condone it, or participate in it for those of us who are mature... patience, understanding and love are still required of us, for those who don't get it yet. Most hypocrites don't even know when they are being hypocrites at least not at the time.

This is a special post by request from an anonymous blogger:
Anonymous said...
That was good commentary - thanks for sharing. I have a question that maybe a little off topic. I used to be a Christian; not sure what to call myself these days. Anyway, what is your opinion on Christians who struggle with issues, in this case lets say sexual sin just to stay on course who go out of their way to testify in front of the Church, write books, give seminars about being set free from a life time of sexual bondage and promiscuity only to find themselves in a hole darker and deeper than ever before six months later ? How do those of us on the outside desiring to come into Christ but struggling with what appears to be hypocrisy in the Church find understanding in this type of behavior ? For example, I know a guy who said he would never violate a woman's body by committing sexual acts with her because her body emulates the temple of God. Now, months later he's screwing her on the regular. You mentioned guiding our youth, however how can that be done we the Christian adults are not practicing what they preach. When everyday that talk about save the children and every other night he's *ucking her like she's a prostitute (no boundaries kinda sex) I know once you repent that God forgives but is it that simple ? Can he get his dick sucked tonight and repent in morning and do this every night and then repent every morning claiming that he's only human. He once blamed her for it, said she has a dominating spirit of lust on her that causes everyone she encounters to succumb to her lustful desires. (man or woman) He even compared her to some whore woman in the bible. At what point should he go back to the Church and admit that he's failed again instead of faking the funk every Sunday morning. At what point does he admit that he's more than just a friend to her and their friendship has become inappropriate? And if God brought them together it certainly wasn't to fornicate, so won't sexing block God's original intentions for them ? But yet, they continually make excuses to work together and be together all the time. Not to mention that he sexes other women as well from time to time but that doesn't count ?? Can we really be set free when we constantly lie to ourselves and others about what a situation really is ? Can a child molester write a kids book because of his love for children and say his personal life isn't relevant to his calling ? I was out with some friends last night and this conversation came up. Can we blog about it for a second ? Well Anonymous lets do this.  I will comment to respond.  


  1. To answer you question, no you can not be set free lying to yourself. You will remain in bondage.

    You said a whole lot in your post and there is so much to be addressed. Both need to take responsibility for their actions. Sounds like they were both oppressed by that lustful spirit.

    I coined a phrase a while back: "Transparency is the Key to Your Transformation" the more real you keep it the more you will begin to see an evolution & transformation into the person God created you to be.

    Now I have had & still have some issue as we all do. I was advised by a counselor to journal. I did this when I was younger but never as an adult so I set out to do it again. Now as I would write in my journal I would go back and read it periodically and I noticed that I would write in my journal as though someone was going to read it. It wasn't transparent, raw, real. there were a lot of omissions which showed me I was still hiding & certainly not healing. So I asked myself who am I hiding from? The journal is supposed to be for me, my thoughts my emotions so why am I so afraid. This is in many ways the way I see peoples relationships with God. Your not keeping it real with yourself or God as though you are hiding anything from God. Your only hurting yourself.

    News flash he can read your journal and your mind. LOL as a matter of fact He knew what you would do before you did it.

    It's hard to look at yourself, painful even, especially when you see who you really are and don't like what you see. What's amazing is that God sees us as who He created us to be, not who we are now or who we were then.

    I say that to say that WE have to learn to see others in that way in spite of the present reality of who they appear to be.

    Both of those individuals played a role & have responsibility. Why did she participate? Why didn't she hold him accountable? She allowed him to defile her.

    There are indeed seducing spirits that can attach to us because of sin. You will only really hear about that in deliverance ministries for the most part which is why the body is in trouble. We fail to discern.

    For those that succumb to the spirit, breaking free can be extremely difficult (see soul ties)

    Like you said it seemed as if he was worse then before, why because it was a stronghold in his life to begin with and he allowed a door to be re-opened that had been closed.

    Do you remember the man in the bible who was delivered from the demon, only for the demon to return with 7 more?

    Well that's how sexual sin can oppress us if we allow it to take hold and keep re-opening doors.

    You may not be possessed but you can be oppressed by spirits. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual principalities in high places.

    Did you know they need permission though? We allow it when we give into the sin.

    No, he shouldn't be preaching, teaching, etc and living this double life. We see preachers all over the media with this same issue... Trust that God will allow it to be brought to lite if he continues to act in the way he is. God will tap that A$$.

    We however should not allow ourselves to become so caught up in and disappointed in the actions of others that we get discouraged or distracted in our own walk.

    Keep your eye on the prize & God.

    Your not sure if you want to call yourself a Christian? Really? You don't want to be associated with people who do such things I guess? Just my two cents so now have at it!

  2. ****side bar

    To repent means to turn away from, cease from doing. He may have asked for forgiveness, but certainly there is no repentance.

  3. So are you saying if a person KEEPS sinning in the exact same fashion that there is no repentance ?

    What about when you spoke of soul ties or the it factor ? What about the man or woman who continues to fornicate ? Is it repentance if you don't do it again for two weeks but not repentance if you do it again in two days ?

  4. To repent means to turn away from.... so two weeks is not hardly long enough to equal having truly made an effort to avoid the sin, you can't have tried very hard if two weeks was all you made it.

    With soul ties it is often what makes the person fornicate & unable to truly repent and until they are delivered they continue to struggle.

    Repentance will be demonstrated not spoken. A person most often asks for forgiveness and has a "desire" to repent (turn away from) but the manifestation of repentance is the discontinuation of the sin. Hopefully permanently but often not always. Many will go several months or even years.... get caught up and open a door then next thing you know they are back in trouble.... That is my story.

    I would repent sincerely and be fine for a while, but then let me meet a man that really tickled my fancy & who I thought might be "The One"....... If I fell for the okey doke, didn't protect myself & gave in to the temptation it was a wrap.... Of course when we care about someone we want to be with them intimately. But ultimately God desires for us to wait because sex between two people creates a bond....a tie & that should be for marriage.

    You justify it for a while until you start feeling convicted....

  5. A great comment by a good guy which pushed my point home is "that often we judge others by their actions & ourselves by our intentions".

    I would like to add that a part of this journey is about learning to judge the heart of man as God does.