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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14

I know your probably wondering why anyone would want to read a blog about someone who's NOT having sex, but to the contrary I find it far more fascinating to attempt to ABSTAIN from sex then the over rated, over exaggerated sexual climate we currently live in.   I mean talk about over sexed!!!!!  Sex on TV, sex in classrooms?    "Sexting" (sexual texting), phone sex, hetero sex, bi-sex, homo sex.  You name it.

I believe that as a culture we here in the US are some of the most oversexed people on the planet.  Los Angeles being the pornography capital of the world it's no small wonder.

I find that shift in our culture has gone to an extreme when it comes to sex.  Now I don't believe in sexual oppression, we should talk about it & have it (hopefully with a spouse), but be responsible about it.  God did create us as sexual beings, to enjoy it & reproduce.

Once upon a time to be promiscuous was frowned upon, the girl who was having sex with all the boys at school was not the norm & being a virgin was acceptable, but now if your a young girl in school not having sex, your peers look at you sideways.  I remember when I was in the 6th grade, there was this girl who was known as the "loose" girl.  She could be caught behind the bungalows, kissing & being fondled by the boys.  Back then no one thought that was cool.  Now girls are giving head (yes I said head) in the classrooms??????  Where did it all start going wrong?  

I keep it real, so if for any reason you find my terminology offensive, please keep it to yourself.  LOL

Your welcome to pray for me at any time & allow God to make the changes.   ;*)

Now as for my sexual desires at this time:

As of today, day 14 no withdrawal symptoms, no cold sweats, no issues at all.  As a matter of fact aside from this blog I didn't even think about sex.  How about you?

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  1. One male reader stated that the longest he has EVER gone without sex was 6 months. What is the longest you have ever gone?