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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hunter or Hunted

Some men are aggressive & some aren't.  Some women are aggressive & some aren't.  Which do you prefer in the opposite sex?  If your a woman who doesn't mind approaching man, how do you do it in a classy way without appearing easy? 

If your a man who is not aggressive & prefers women to come to you can you tell me why?  Also how do you like a woman to approach you if she does?


  1. I guess I don't mind being approached; at least then I'm not the one risking getting a serving of egg-on-the-face. In general, we are either acculturated or created to function with men as the aggressors ("He who finds a wife...") and women as the screeners (men pick/women choose).

    Does the proverbial finding of a wife mean that women must sit back and wait to get asked for a dance, and that men must put their hearts and egos in danger in order to find a wife? I would like things to be a little more equal, but maybe I would feel different if I were the ideal man (6' or taller, brown skinned, interesting eyes, and a fistful of dollars), since my odds of success would be greater than my brothers/competitors.

  2. Don't you think that woman are slowly becoming the aggressors now? I think the boldness of women is at an all time high don't you?

    I think it is out of order for a woman to chase or pursue a man, but not out of order to initiate some type of initial contact if a man is shy. Once he knows she's interested then usually his instincts kick in.

  3. It's ok either way sometimes women just need someone to talk to its ok to be freindly you might find a mate but you found a friend

  4. Because I am a Lady, I rather be approached (pursued / chased) for I am approachable ... Not just by any man though ... I must draw the line protecting my space and time.