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Friday, February 11, 2011

What do you do when you want to have sex?

I was sitting here and I thought I would share one of my more vulnerable moments.  I am human and not superwoman with an icy libido.  I am quite the horn dog to be honest.  I have said it before I love the sausage as much as the next girl.  I just made the decision to abstain for spiritual reasons which I feel truly benefits my emotional health.  Long and short of it, I finally came to a point that I love God more & am no longer willing to compromise my worship.

Giving into the temptation of having sex may have given me a few moments of pleasure in the past but little else.  I often found myself feeling even more alone then if I had just let the moment pass.  Kind of like now, I really would love some love, affection, companionship and yes some great sex.  But I want it all, not just in part. 

So what do you do when you want the sausage?  Well, LOL I came to blog.  I shifted my focus.  It's as easy as a phone call to have the company of a man, so I must be very careful and make an effort not to act impulsively off of my desires.  See this is where we get in trouble.  Instead of casting down that thought, intentionally squashing it, we often feed it, allow it to take hold, then next thing you know your taking the morning after pill.  (extreme but real)

I posted today on my facebook page about being holy hoes....... you know folks who love the Lord but can't seem to keep our sex drives in check and under submission.

How and why does it get that out of control for us, so out of control that you can't seem to say no to sex?   Why does our desire for companionship supersede our desire to please God?  The world looks at us and doesn't see any difference in our behavior and that bothers me.   Does it bother you?  I never really thought about it as much as I do now...... because more and more I see the stronghold it has on the church body and how it hinders us.  I see clearly because I'm clean and not in the sin..... the absence of the sin creates better visibility spiritually. I once was blind but now I see...

See now my moment has passed.  I think I'll go watch my DVR recordings of Dr. Phil.



  1. that was really good lately sense I'm 41 God has really impressed upon me that he is my husband according to Isaiah 54:10 so i always pray that God will be my boyfreind and my fe un se and husband today and than like you said i just wait its like waiting for the wind to stop blowing than it just all goes away and sometimes most of the time I pray and say come on now God but i notice if i do my Holy Habbits like study my word 1 hour pray 40 min a day and than I'm find there is nothing here on earth I rather have more than the preasents of God

  2. How does that whole "God is my husband" thing work actually? I read the passage quoted, and saw nothing there that directly referred to such an idea. Then I thought about the implications for a guy - I mean,if God is my husband aren't I making a case for gay marriage?

    While loving God is the supreme goal of life, "Falling in love with Jesus," to be honest, seems creepy to me. I'm a guy, not a neuter/metro male.

    The biblical motif that I most identify with is "the warrior" notif - whether it's David seeing the honor of God as being of greater importance than the possibility of failure, or Paul calling me to press beyond the pain experienced by the flesh as it is brought under subjection, or, above all, Jesus - the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the King of Kings!

    I don't want God to be my husband, or my wife, or any other kind of romantic ideal. I want God to be my Father, not my dad, my Champion, not my companion.

    If my image of life is more in line with "There's a war goin' on...", then wanting to have sex is just another reconnaissance-by-fire on the part of the enemy force. My response is to attack with such force that his sortie is destroyed before he can report back regarding my strength and dispositions. Lust is not my friend, and passion is not my pal, at least, not right now...

  3. @Soljah,

    Um it doesn't mean He is a man's husband. The reference is that God is EVERYTHING we need if we never had anything else. Husband to the husbandless, not in a romantic sense but from the sense of having a covering which is what husband is supposed to be. To a man who wants a wife, God is all you need not romantically, but emotionally He should satisfy your needs.

    God is indeed a companion for the companionless..... not in a lustful or romantic sense.

    As for the Gay's using it to further their agenda, they manage to do that regardless don't they? When they use the idea that God doesn't make mistakes, or God made us just as He wanted us or God made us in His image etc.... Why is it perverted? Because there is no true understanding.